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Public Offer Agreement UAHA.COM

General Provisions

We ask you to familiarize yourself with the conditions that are defined further in the public offer agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). This Public Agreement determines the procedure for the provision and receipt of hotel booking services, regulates the relationship between the Guest, the Booking Center, and the hotel. In the understanding of Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, this agreement is a public agreement.

The Agreement contains important information regarding the use of the Site, and important information and warnings regarding the provision of services that you can get through this site.

When booking any services, registering on the Site, communicating with Alliance representatives and continuing to use the site, you fully agree with all the conditions presented in this public offer agreement and accept the offer. Acceptance of the offer, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU), creates legal consequences for the parties in accordance with the conditions specified in the Agreement.

1. Terms

In this Agreement, the Terms are used in the following meaning:

"Alliance" - the company LLC "Alliance of Independent Hotels of Ukraine", which is located at the address Kiev, st. Yaroslavskaya 39-G, Letter A, EDRPOU code 39748629, which maintains the site / Reservation Center, which owns property and non-property rights to the Site / Reservation Center and which is endowed with rights and obligations under this Agreement. The company carries out activities according to KVED: 79:11 activities of travel agencies. Acts on behalf of, in the interests and on behalf of the Hotels on a legal basis and carries out intermediary activities for the implementation of tourism services by subjects of tourism activities, as well as intermediary activities regarding the implementation of characteristic and related services.

Reservation center / website ( is an open Internet resource under the domain name, which the Tourist can use for the following purposes:

- familiarization with the services and information provided by the Site.

- online booking and payment for hotel services.

Hotel - hotels, apartment-type apartments, hostels and other accommodation facilities that provide accommodation, catering and rental services, Additional services and provide the right to make reservations and accept payments by "Alliance".

Guest, Customer, Tourist, You, Guest Group, Individual Tourist, Tourist Group, Counterparty, Consumer - an individual or legal entity using the Site / Booking Center for personal needs or in the interests of third parties on their behalf, and makes reservations and payment for hotel accommodation and related services.

Discount - a percentage of the reduction in the cost of living or the cost of related services at the expense of the Alliance of the established base price provided by the Hotel.

Booking Confirmation - an information document that gives the right to use the service, subject to the terms of payment, cancellation and the rules for using this service. Sent after the successful completion of the booking to the specified e-mail of the Guest instantly, if additional conditions are not specified when booking.

Payment - transfer of funds to the current account of Alliance of Independent Hotels LLC, Reikartz Hotel Management LLC, the hotel's current account, or for the benefit of the Hotel through the FLP CHUGAI or payment at the Hotel, which is one of the conditions for using the "Booking Confirmation" as grounds for using the service.

Non-refundable rate - a special price for hotel accommodation for individuals, provides for payment at the time of booking without the possibility of further cancellation.

Guaranteed booking is a booking confirmed by 100% payment for services.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. According to this Offer, the ALLIANCE provides the Guest with the opportunity to book accommodation and related services in the selected object, as well as receive services for the selection and booking of a hotel based on a completed application, a phone call, an email, an online booking module on the Alliance Website. It also provides an opportunity to pay online "Alliance" for the benefit of the selected "Hotel".

2.2. The Alliance does not independently provide hotel services and is not responsible for their quality. Within the framework of this Offer, he acts as a Hotel Agent.

2.3. The service is provided in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine and on the terms of this Offer.

2.4. By agreeing to the terms of this Offer, the Guest confirms the right and legal capacity, financial viability, and also assumes responsibility for the obligations imposed on him as a result of the conclusion of this Offer.

2.5. The Offer is considered accepted if the Guest makes a reservation for any services, registers on the Site, communicates with representatives of the Alliance and continues to use the site.

2.6. Alliance "can make changes to the Agreement indicating the end date of the change, without the need to separately report the changes.

2.7. If the Guest has a separate agreement with LLC ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT HOTELS OF UKRAINE or LLC Reikartz Hotel Management, then the terms of the concluded contracts are Priority.

3. Terms of payment and cancellation.

3.1. The guest independently chooses a payment method from all possible methods provided by the selected hotel for the selected specific service. You cannot use payment for services NOT specified in the booking process.

3.2. The price for accommodation and other services is indicated in the “Booking Confirmation” and is determined at the prices provided by the hotel to the Booking Center. The Alliance can provide discounts and promotional offers to the price of a certain hotel.

3.3. The Hotel instructs the Alliance to implement various payment methods: payment to the account of LLC ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT HOTELS OF UKRAINE, LLC CHUGAI for the benefit of the Hotel, payment to the account of LLC Reikartz Hotel Management for the benefit of the Hotel, payment to the account of the Hotel, payment upon arrival at the hotel for conditions for providing credit card information or blocking funds on it. The Agency has the right at any time and at its discretion to change / change the payment methods on the site without the obligation of any Messages and amendments to this Agreement. The Hotel also instructs LLC "ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT HOTELS OF UKRAINE" to establish the terms of guaranteed booking, non-guaranteed booking, or their combinations for booking certain services.

3.4. When choosing payment methods that provide for the transfer of funds by bank transfer, the Guest receives an invoice for payment from LLC "ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT HOTELS OF UKRAINE" to the e-mail address specified by him when booking. When funds are credited to the account of LLC ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT HOTELS OF UKRAINE, LLC REIKARTS WANTED MANAGEMENT, LLC Chugay, providing card details or blocking funds, crediting funds to the hotel's current account, the booking is considered Guaranteed after payment in full. At times NOT timely or incomplete payment, the booking is considered guaranteed.

3.5. When making an online booking or booking by phone, the customer is obliged to indicate information about whether the Guests who will be staying at the Hotel, resident or non-resident, and also fall under the category of Guests exempt from paying the tourist tax. in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. These data are used to correctly form the price of the services of the Account for payment. To be able to be exempted from paying the tourist tax, the Guest must provide the relevant supporting documents, which will be the basis for exemption from paying the tourist tax. At times, failure to provide or incorrect provision of information, as well as relevant supporting documents, the Tourist Tax for each guest will be included in the invoice and / or Booking Confirmation.

3.6. The price of tourist services for hotel services includes the cost of living established by the hotel and the cost of additional services ordered by the Guest.

3.7. If additional conditions of booking or payment are indicated when booking, the Guest must comply with them.

3.8. Cancellation and refund conditions are indicated when booking a service, and apply only to the favorites of a particular hotel and service. In case of acceptance of the Agreement, the Guest agrees with the specified conditions.

3.9. The Alliance provides the following methods of booking and requesting hotel reservations and related services:

- General booking module

- Corporate booking module

- by phone

- by email

4. Rights and obligations of the Parties

4.1. The Alliance is obliged to provide the Guest with daily and round-the-clock access to the information resource on the website in real time.

4.2. The Alliance has the right to require the Guest to comply with all stages of the booking under the conditions set forth on the Website and in this Offer. In particular, provide valid credit card details for guaranteed reservations, pre-authorization and debiting. By accepting this offer, the Guest agrees to the pre-authorization and debiting of funds from the specified credit card by the hotel or the Alliance for the booked services, as well as to pay penalties that may be applied in case of late cancellation of arrival.

4.3. The Alliance has the right to suspend the provision of services while troubleshooting technical problems or other circumstances that prevent the provision of services.

4.4. The Alliance has the right to refuse to provide further services if the Guest does not comply with the terms of this Offer.

4.5. The Alliance has the right to inform the Customer by e-mail or with the employer SMS news, promotions, special offers and make other messages about the provision of services.

4.6. The Alliance is not responsible for the quality of the services provided by the hotel, but is only responsible for making a reservation, accepting payment in favor of the hotel, and timely sending a Booking Confirmation.

4.7. The Alliance is obliged to provide, at the request of the Guest, the documents required in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, if payment was feasible to the Alliance Account or Reikartz Hotel Management LLC.

4.8. The guest is obliged to familiarize himself with the booking rules set out on the website.

4.9. The guest is obliged to correctly place an order for booking hotel services by filling in the required fields in the booking form.

4.10. The Guest is obliged to provide the Alliance with reliable information necessary for the timely provision of services, including correct and actually used by the "Guest" phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

4.11. The guest is obliged to pay for the booked services in the amount and on the terms set out on the Site. And follow the cancellation rules stated on the website and the Booking Confirmation.

4.12. The Guest is obliged to abide by the rules of change and cancellation and make any changes to the reservation confirmed by the Alliance only through the Alliance. If the services booked by the Guest are changed or canceled directly at the Hotel without first contacting NATO, the latter is not responsible for any consequences resulting from this.

4.13. The Guest undertakes to comply with the "Rules for the Use of Hotels and Similar Methods of Accommodation and the Provision of Hotel Services" Order No. 19 dated March 16, 2004, and independently compensate for losses caused by the Hotel.

4.14. The Guest has the right to receive the paid services specified in the Booking Confirmation, subject to Compliance with the payment terms.

- Corporate booking module

- by phone

- by email

5. Dispute Resolution

5.1. All disputes arising from or related to this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations between the parties.

5.2. If the relevant dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it is resolved in court for establishing the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of such a dispute in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Processing applications and cancellations.

6.1. Credit Card Payment System and Bank Transfers.

When making a hotel reservation, in the event that the Guest chooses a card payment method at the hotel, he must provide the details of his card in order for the reservation to be guaranteed. In case of arrival, the Guest agrees to withdraw from his account, with which the bank card is associated, the amount of funds provided for cancellation of the order in accordance with the booking conditions.

All payments by credit card through are made through a third-party payment provider from your credit / debit card.

We ask you to carefully check all the details of the reservation before paying or providing your bank card details.

We draw your attention to the fact that some tariffs do not provide a refund.

6.2. Acceptance of requests for correction or cancellation of booking, refunds occur from 09.00 to 18.00 on weekdays.

6.3. If the booking has not been paid, then 3 hours before the start of penalties, the booking department employee can contact the guest and, if it is impossible to contact or the guest's request to cancel the booking, he can cancel the hotel reservation 1 hour before the start of penalties.

Updated version 01 august 2020

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