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The UA Hotel Alliance is an association of independent non-chain hotels into a single hotel structure.

When creating UA Hotel Alliance, the project management turned to the national chain Reikartz Hotel Group, as the leader in the hotel industry in Ukraine and the largest hotel operator in the country. The portfolio of the Reikartz company includes 40 hotels, its own service standards, sales and booking system. Reikartz Hotel Group will lead the sales of the UA Hotel Alliance, and will assist in the development, training and establishment of a new project.

UA Hotel Alliance is aimed at forming an association of independent hotels in order to maximize the satisfaction of the entire spectrum of guests' requests, through a comprehensive offer of hotel services in various cities of Ukraine.

With the constantly growing level of competition among hotels, the UA Hotel Alliance is aimed at uniting hotels of different price categories and building a partnership system of cooperation. The association will include both budget hotels of the 2-3 * stars and hotels of a higher price segment of the 4 * and 5 *.

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